Adventure Of Olaf – A beautiful Kingdom of the snowman

Welcome to the land of ice and snow in Adventure Of Olaf at free online friv Games! A fascinating adventure of Olaf is waiting for you in Adventure Of Olaf. Go ahead! One day, the kingdom of the snowmen was attacked by toxic monsters.


Their purpose is to destroy this beautiful land and kill all the snowmen in the area. In particular, snowmen don’t have the ability to defeat these dangerous monsters, so they must avoid confronting them everywhere in the kingdom. Please help the poor snowmen in Adventure Of Olaf at friv school Games to play and rescue them from the evil forces.


The game's context is set on a number of paths, your task is to help the snowman avoid confronting the monsters while moving. To implement this mission at online friv Games, whenever the beasts move on the road, you must close the door to lock the snowmen. Once the beasts pass through, you can open the door for the snowman to move and work in the kingdom.


Do you understand about this game’s gameplay? Are you ready to conquer 12 challenging levels at friv Games online? The answer lies in your intelligence and ability. Don’t forget to challenge your talent in some other games such as Crazy Mommy Mermaid Story at frivgame 2018.


Instruction to play:

Controls: Control the snowmen with your mouse.