Chicken Shooting

Innocent chickens are preparing to be your victims in the game Chicken Shooting at friv games. Are you worried when you have to pay some money to play the game? Nowhere you can fully explore playing for free online in your computer and mobile browsers. I believe that with graphic design extremely simple but unique, vivid sound. You will be attracted to the game from the first time you join.

On a beautiful farm, your goal is to shoot the animals. There are chickens and cows and sheep with lots of others. But the difficulty is that they are moving very fast and don't standstill. So it's not easy for you to aim. It requires you to have certain skills. observe and shoot very quickly. If you are slow, the chickens will run away and you will not be able to shoot them. Is this game interesting? Shooting but combined with relaxation will make you feel extremely comfortable.

Complete the required number you will pass the level. There are countless speed levels you can challenge. Can you overcome it all? This you lie in your skills. Do not hesitate to enjoy more things right now in the game Chicken Shooting at Fashion games that make you bored, share games for your friends. Join together in a fun fighting chicken shooting game that you have never had before. Why don't you give yourself the challenge and a few other similar fighting games like Arctic Pong and Flow Mania

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to shoot the chickens.