Monster Rash

You have entered the treacherous realm of the Monster Rash at Friv 2018 Free Games. Beware of the lurking creatures that hide in the shadows. Your survival depends on your wit and agility. Will you be able to navigate through this perilous land unscathed? Only time will tell. Good luck, adventurer. Welcome to Monster Rash, where you'll encounter a variety of monsters all vying for survival! Can you navigate this treacherous landscape and help your monster make it to the top of the food chain? It's a battle for the ages as you face off against other creatures in a fight for survival. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?

In this game, you'll encounter a group of monsters who have been transformed into cubes. Your mission is to help them reach the end of each level by jumping from one obstacle to another in their cube state. Can you guide them safely through each challenge and complete the game? It's up to you to find out! In Pull Him Out Game, you'll need to use your jumping skills to navigate through a challenging obstacle course. Along the way, be sure to collect as many stars as you can to earn points and unlock new levels. Can you make it to the end and become the ultimate star collector?

In Snowland Adventurre game, your ultimate goal is to gather all the stars scattered throughout the levels. Why, you ask? Well, you need them to unlock a whopping 20 unique monster costumes! So get ready to explore and collect those shiny stars to become the ultimate monster collector. Explore various sections where you can hop on a rocket and soar through the skies! Once you board the rocket, your costume will magically transform back to its original state. Are you ready to take off and see the transformation for yourself? Let the game begin! Don't miss the chance to win and share with your friends to join them in this special game. Other games are for you like Super Martin Princess In Trouble.

Instruction to play:

*Just Click or Tap to Play & Jump *Mobile Control available *20 different costumes. *5 different levels.