Snowland Adventurre

Play this and many other games for free at Friv Games Online. Snowland Adventure is a 3D land-based platformer in which the objective is to uncover and gather all diamonds in the island levels. Beware of the red creatures; in order to eliminate them, you must jump on their heads. You must run and leap your way through each level; if you fall into the water or into a trap, you will have to repeat the level. How many stars do you need to finish the adventure? Collect additional gems to improve your star total. Each level has no time constraint, so you may explore at your leisure!

Super Snow Land Adventure 3D is a free platformer that is both peaceful and entertaining. Enjoy this easy and enjoyable platformer! You can invite friends to join or play with other online game players around the world. Some of the same games we introduced to players such as Gem clicker. Choose your favorite game today. Have a great game in!

Instruction to play:

Start playin Super Snowland Adventure today by keep moving.