Dumb Riders

Use skateboards to experience the fascinating adventure in the game Dumb Riders at friv games online. You can play this game online for free without you having to pay any money to play. Interestingly, right? Do not hesitate, start right away! Control a character who has a skateboard. Your goal is to take them to the end of the road to win for themselves. But the game has never been so simple. Skis are difficult to control. The road has slopes connecting each other. It will be difficult to be able to move safely in this game.

Observe and control your character. Go slowly so that you don't get upside down. If you move too fast, then go through the steep slopes you can not control your character. Try to overcome all the pitfalls to bring yourself the victory. Skateboarding is so cool to enjoy the novelty it brings you. How much longer can you live? It all depends on your wisdom. Take advantage of all the skills you gain into the game.

The road to the future will be more challenging as well as difficult. Do not be afraid, I believe that you will be able to overcome everything. Play and have more fun in the game Dumb Riders at https://friv-2018.net/. Take this game to share with your friends and invite your friends to start the challenge now to be able to use the skateboard with the latest gameplay. What do you think if you allow yourself to explore a few other similar interesting games like Catch The Candy and Lizard Lady VS Herself 


Instruction to play:

Use arrow keys, WASD keys to surf.