What challenges will you discover in this fun Turbotastic game at friv Games friv? Turbotastic starts at 1 minute 30 seconds and you will drive on the road at the fastest speed to conquer as much distance as possible. Avoid other cars to maintain the speed of this Turbotastic game. How long did you participate?

There are many racing cars involved in the Turbotastic driving game at the friv game and the player's task is to drive as far as possible. If you hit other cars on the track or drive off the track, the speed of the car will decrease and you have to start over again. Limit collisions to your car with the fastest speed.

Gold coins or different symbols appearing on the way are the items that you need to collect. For example, the numbers will help you convert your car with different functions such as fastest speed, best collision avoidance or smallest. Of course, the lifetime of each car is limited, so take advantage of that time to drive your car quickly.

This game Turbotastic is a much-loved racing game at friv Games selected not only by rich content but you can easily collect gold coins and improve your score. Pay attention to the sand watches that appear on the way and do not forget to collect them because you will have more time for your race.

The left side of the game screen will show how far you have traveled in this particular game. Do not forget to pay attention to them and compare the number and your friends at friv game 2018. We always update the latest racing games for you to explore without being bothered by the ads or speed of the loading game.

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Instruction to play:

Left and right arrow keys to move the car away from other cars and to divert at curves.