Rapunzel Ear Surgery - Carry out the ear surgery

Rapunzel has a terrible earache. As her doctor in Rapunzel Ear Surgery, you must treat her quickly before it gets worse. Enjoy Rapunzel Ear Surgery in friv2018!


Rapunzel has not taken care of his ears for a long time. Now, she has a terrible earache. It looks really bad. In Rapunzel Ear Surgery at friv Games for kids, you are her doctor and responsible for treating her. She goes to your clinic in a bad condition.


You must quickly carry out the ear surgery before it gets worse. So what do you need to do? Her ear is full of boils and terrible things. First, you have to cut off the ear hair, then you drain the water in her ear and remove the terrible things.


After that, you use special tools to clean the boils and use specialized medicines to heal them. When her ear is cleaned, it takes time to heal. This Games of friv game is quite scary, so it may not suit kids, but for those who are brave and curious about what a doctor does, then let’s give it a try.


It definitely brings out the doctor inside you and helps you aware of the importance of regular ear hygiene. If you want to explore more games like this one, just come to friv play Games and check out Kids Frozen Puzzle Have a great time!


Instruction to play:

How to play: Play it on your computer by using the mouse or enjoy it on the smartphone and tablet.