Elsa Wedding Anniversary - A special wedding in the kingdom

Great! Elsa's wedding anniversary will be celebrated tomorrow. Do you want to attend Elsa Wedding Anniversary at friv4? Many great things are waiting for in Elsa Wedding Anniversary.


Hey, you! Did you know anything? Tomorrow, the Elsa Wedding Anniversary will officially take place in a beautiful garden. This will be one of the most special events in the kingdom. Everyone really wants to see these important and happy moments of Princess Elsa. So, Elsa must prepare everything in the most perfect way.


Can you help her? Join Elsa Wedding Anniversary at friv Games for girls and choose Elsa for the most fashionable style in the anniversary. First, you need to make up for her with a sexy and luxurious style. You should remember that makeup is an important step and helps Elsa become more beautiful and gorgeous.


Then at friv free Games, you will continue to choose fashion styles, hair styles, earrings, necklaces and crowns. Click the icons on the left side of the screen until you are satisfied with that style. Finally, another important task for you is to decorate the kingdom, flowers, curtains and wedding cake to create a sweet space for the ceremony at frivgame. In addition, a few other games you can try like http://friv-2018.net at friv free.


How to play? Play this game with your left mouse.

Instruction to play: