Deadly Hunter

In a journey to the wood, your friends are caught by a huge tiger. Luckily, you are not. However, the responsibility is on your shoulders. You have to rescue them and defeat this tiger to come back home safely. Can you do it? You must do it. Deadly Hunter puts you in an intense hunt. At friv Games online, the gameplay is straight forward. Approach close to each friend, rescue them, and team up to kill a tiger waiting for you at the end of each level.

However, the way that you have to go through to reach your friends is full of challenges, dangers, and traps. If you rescue all of them but jump into the traps along the way, you lose. On each level, you have to rescue a certain number of members and keep them safe until your team comes close to the tiger. On, if your team stands in the front of the tiger but you don’t have enough members, the tiger will eat all of you.

This is a bad ending that you don’t want to have right. So be careful in every step you take. It’s much harder when your character auto moves and you can make them move to the left or right only. You can’t stop right before you crash into the traps. Will the tiger be defeated by your team? Or will your team be swallowed by the tiger? Your action affects the result. Create a happy ending and have fun with tons of games on our site but first, let’s check out Basket Random and Moon City Stunt.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to turn left and right.