Rescuers brings the assumption of the fire in the high buildings and the player's mission is to save the lives of all the survivors. The Rescuers game at online Games friv will give you the basic skills to survive and the most useful lessons for anyone. Be ready to save many people with your teammates in the Rescuers.

What would you do if your entire house was on fire? If you are a fireman and your mission is to save the survivors, you should join this Rescuers game at game friv. Your missions are done in different houses in the city. The common point of these houses is that they are burnt. There are many people who need your help.

They will jump down and you need to help them escape the fire. Move the fastest to help the survivors and rescue the next. If you cannot save them, the game will end. Therefore, this is one of your most important tasks if you are wondering in your game Rescuers.

frivgame 2018 suggest this game to players who need useful lessons and information to save people in the fire. This is very meaningful to every player. Do not forget your abilities in this game and practice your fastest moving skill so you can save the most survivors.

Take action quickly and accurately, you will not miss your special opportunity. In addition, players also have the opportunity to discover new games that are updated regularly at friv Games play similar to this game as Mall Dash and Police Car Parking at  

Games with different lessons are always interesting for you. Join our special gaming world today.

Instruction to play:

Tap directly to the screen to move if you play the game on the phone or left click if you play the game on the computer. Press repeatedly to keep the closest distance.