Friend Rescue

Friend Rescue is basically an interesting puzzle game in which you have to find the best way to rescue your friend from different risks. Each level is designed simply. There are 2 characters: one is crying and another one is you who have to run towards your friend and make him smile. At friv 4 game, it seems that 2 characters are in a box and the box is divided into a certain number of parts by some pins.

What you have to do here is to pull out the pins in the right order to help the one who doesn’t cry come to the crying one. In some first levels, it’s so easy to find the solution because there is no obstacle. However, as you level, you will deal with many dangerous things. Some aggressive will appear such as tiger or spider. And if you pull out the tick wrongly, one of these friends will become the food of them.

But if you take the right action, they can be defeated. On, be careful because some weapons are placed randomly. You can use them to kill evil animals but sometimes, you can get attacked by them. Make sure you plan a movement in advance in your head, then deploy it. It’s ok to try and fail because you will play that current level once again instead of playing from the level one.

Besides, the game doesn’t require you to finish each mission in a limited time or a certain number of tries. So spend time observing first, then take action later to make sure every try will work. This is a simple puzzle game but it has so interesting gameplay that keeps you hooked for hours. Check this out and don’t forget to explore more games such as Disk King and Dragon vs Mage

Instruction to play:

Use your left click to pull out the pin.