Aliens Attack

Strap on the biggest gun you can find, hero, because there are a lot of enemies coming your way. Blast them, dodge their fire, upgrade your gear and save the day! If you can survive Aliens Attack, you just might become Earth’s most celebrated hero. If you don’t, well, then they will conquer the planet. So, no pressure – it’s just the fate of the world we’re talking about here. 

Slide left and right, let the bullets fly, and take out those alien attackers before they manage to get a shot off. Every so often, you’ll come across a boss. Don’t be scared, he’s just like the rest of ‘em – only it takes more bullets to crack that fish tank helmet of his and blow him up! Once you’ve defeated the boss, you’re moving to the next phase of the battle. Once you bag enough medals from all of the aliens that you’ve riddled with bullet holes, though, you can try your luck with Bernie, Ivan, Mr. Zee or Sgt. Pepper. 

With cute animations and awesome music, this game is fun and enjoyable for all ages, especially children. Play as many times as you want and enjoy other choices available for free on our site. They are different in gameplay but surely give you tons of fun. Here are 2 of the best games that you should take a look at first Royal Rush and Ragdoll Duel at

Instruction to play:

User the mouse