Pou Baby Bathing - Get ready for evening walk

Pou is too little to take a bath by himself while his mom is busy at Pou Baby Bathing. Let’s help him. Show off your childcare skills in Pou Baby Bathing at friv 2018.


Pou Baby Bathing is an interesting game that you can play for free at friv Games for kids. At here, you will have a chance to become a babysitter which probably helps you a lot in the future. Pou is playing with his toys, but it’s time for him to take a shower. However, his mom is busy.


Your mission in this friv play Games is to help him take a shower to make him clean and ready for the evening walk. It sounds so easy, right? But, there are a lot of things to do. In the bathroom, you fill the tub with warm water and you can customize the color of the bathtub and the water.


Then use the soap which has Pou’s favorite scent and wash him from top to bottom, front and back. After that, you wrap Pou in a hooded towel and pat him dry. If his skin is dry, you may want to apply a mild lotion after his bath.


Finally, dress him up beautifully. Pou now is ready for the evening walk. This game is one of the best friv Games for girls, but everyone can enjoy it. Hope that you have a great time at here. Don’t forget to explore more games at friv Games friv, such as http://friv-2018.net/



Instruction to play:

Controls: It's playable on the computer and you can play the game on smartphone and tablet.