Survived IO - A cool first-person multiplayer IO game

Do you dare to join a dead forest with many dangerous criminals in Survived IO at friv best game? Show off your fighting skills and conquer every challenge in Survived IO.    


Survived IO is one of the most attractive and interesting multiplayer online games which is played by thousands of the players on the planet at friv online game. In this game, you have the chance to play with many other players as well as learn, improve understanding and make friends everywhere.


This is an ideal environment for you to express and develop your own skills at frivgame. Set in a mysterious and dangerous forest, you are alone to fight with other players and find all the ways to survive in this battle. Be alert to everything around you! Because there are many obstacles, deadly traps and excellent enemies in this forest. They are looking for ways to kill and kill you right away.


To enhance your strength, take advantage of every opportunity to gather supportive tools on the road. Don’t miss any resource such as tools, fire, weapons, walls and destroy as many enemies as possible along the way. Are you ready to challenge your fighting skills in this action game at friv game free? May you succeed! To play more, you can follow this link:


How to play? Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim or shoot, E to inventory, Shift to sprint.

Instruction to play: