Zombie Shooter 3D

Play Zombie Shooter 3D, an entertaining arcade game on Friv 2018 online games. There is an online multiplayer zombie shooter PvP dread combat mode available! Shoot flawless headshots at zombies! Never let go of the Trigger! In the year 2037, a pandemic dread virus epidemic was disclosed by a secret viral breed Lab, which is a doom hating organization. The majority of the unkilled and residents were infected, and the globe devolved into a dread dead zone!

Fight the unkilled zombies as a sas zombie shooter or a doom hater. Search for the remaining sas amid the dread dead epidemic pandemic, fight the doom walking dead, and save the last sas. The lethal Ares Virus pandemic evil transforms the planet into anarchy doom day of decay with faint dwindling light. The only thing you can do is hold the trigger and never let go. You must not only blast the zombies with your lethal trigger, but you must also find a method to save Sas. Don't flee when the dead rise!

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Instruction to play:

Use Mouse To Play and Keyboard.