Minecaves 2

Minecaves - collect the gems and using your skill to conquer the mine!

Minecaves uses Minecraft inspired graphics but offers a completely different type of gameplay. You must work your way through a variety of underground caves and collect gems and gold stars as you progress. Using your keyboard arrows, you can move your character through the tunnels - each arrow movement will push your character to the next adjacent wall. This means that you must plan your moves carefully!

Throughout the levels you will also encounter a variety of different traps and obstacles such as water, spikes and vampire bats. Be careful when choosing a path - you may not be able to retrace your steps and could end up missing some gold stars or gems! This game is a huge amount of fun, and the levels increase in difficulty as you progress. Will you conquer the mine and collect all the gems?

After finishing each stage, you can visit the store and buy more. With addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game is worth to play. Enjoy more games at http://friv-2018.net/ in your free time. Some great choices for you are gold-miner-jack & Duck Hunter

Instruction to play:

Keyboard arrows to move your character