Bob the Robber

So, what should you do? At play Friv, your main mission is to explore all the rooms, find and steal as many valuable assets as possible without getting caught by the camera in each room. Note that, the camera will spin continuously all the way, so you must observe quickly and calculate your route wisely to complete each level in the shortest time.


Besides, you should be more careful with dangerous obstacles and deadly traps on the way. Do your best to deal with all puzzles and escape safely from the house. Do you want to explore this unique game? Everything is ready for you at Friv Games to play! Good luck!

Haha. It is funny! With Bob the Robber at Friv play, you will become a professional robber. In this unique character, I believe you will have many great experiences in the game.


This game is a perfect combination of action and puzzle genre. The game’s context is a multi-room house with a modern camera system and feature alerts when burgled. This will cause many difficulties for you to steal valuable assets in the house.


Instruction to play:

How to play?

Use W or upwards arrow to control your character or follow the instructions in the game.