Old TV

Old TV will be destroyed in the game at https://friv-2018.net/. Your task is to continuously destroy the television and upgrade the power corresponding to the money you earn. This is an addictive destruction game. You don't have to think about playing or having headaches with moving tips. Click or tap directly on the screen to destroy the TV and get $ 1 of each click.

This seemingly simple task attracts many online game players around the world with the perfect choice for the special journey this game has updated. Your friends certainly also love this game. Update the best way to play at your level today. We are constantly updating players on new ways of playing and you will be ready for this journey without interruption.

Frivgames new games constantly bring players different game worlds and you will show your gaming skills with games with different content. The old television will help you relieve stress and enjoy a simple game with the gameplay you've never encountered before. A game with easy gameplay has become familiar to online game players. Overcome challenges with your mission today.

A lot of players destroyed the television in the game and completed their mission. This game does not force you to think about quests. Feel free to destroy and get the money you have from that job. Some new games similar to this one are also updated in your list of favorite games today like Subway Runner and Cut it Fair. Please expand the list of favorite games that you have.

Instruction to play:

Left click to destroy the television on your journey