Tricky Kick

Welcome insanely addictive gameplay, you must notice this warning because once you play this game you will have no mind for the other things. Forget about a team of 11 players competes against an opposing team in a field like other games. At Friv games online 2020, Tricky Kick challenges you with a tricky kicking mission. Are you ready for that? This contains a few puzzle elements in which you have to find the best way to dribble and shoot into the goal to get a score.

However, the ball in this game does not seem to be made from leather or other compounds as usual but from something that easily fragile. It means it will be broken if you shoot it into the walls or other obstacles along the way. The ball follows the zigzag line. You have to click right before the ball touches any obstacles to change its direction and make sure it rolls on a safe road.

On, make a decision on which way is better and easier to pass and with each successful kick, you earn one more ball. Each tournament puts you in 10 challenges. Try your best to get all metals. One more important thing you have to remember that when the ball goes in the red areas, you have to shoot. All features of this game will make you hooked.

And you can’t close the game if you haven’t conquered the final level yet. Tons of awesome challenges to deal with and several new balls to unlock, you are sure to have a great time here and also in other games such as Save The Coal Miner and Police Cars Parking 

Instruction to play:

Click to dribble and shoot.