Feather Hunter - free game at friv free

This game lays on the top action games at Friv4. Once you have tried it, you cannot resist the appeal of the game and hungry for trying more. Thus, remove the safety lock and shoot down all birds in your sights. Are you ready to play the game now?


The objective of the game is to shoot down all the flying birds in your sights. Initially, they tend to appear quite sparse. However, after that, they will appear out of control, from wave to wave so as to challenge your shooting skills. Only the best players can have a chance to name themselves in the Leaderboard at free friv Games.


Tips, tricks, and hacks in Feather Hunter


Don't forget to reload the bullets. Your gun can only shoot a certain number of bullets.


Your best effort will be saved on your current device. In the case, you want to keep your achievement in multi-devices, log in to your online account at friv Games 2018. I'm sure that you will be served in the best condition.


There are various achievements set in the game so as to help the gamers have more chances to gain scores or bonus time. Thus, try your best to shoot down as many birds as possible.


Keep your eyes on the timers. You only have a certain time in this game to get the best achievement.

Instruction to play:

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