Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug - Save beautiful ladybug

Ladybug was caught by Akumas in Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug. He is going to launch her into space. Let’s rescue immediately in Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug at friv 4! Cat Noir Rescue Ladybug is one of the most interesting games that you can find and play for free at friv free online Games.


You will add this game to your favorite game list right away after you have tried it for the first time for sure. So what is it about? Our stunning Ladybug was caught by Akumas. He is going to launch her into space. He tied her into the rocket. In this friv game, you play a role as Cat Noir and you have to rescue her before evil Akumas takes action.


This game seems to be so simple, doesn't it? But, you have to save her without being caught by him. You have a limited time. So let’s finish your mission before time runs out. You must stay focused on the time bar and a power bar in order to take action wisely.


Besides, the yellow exclamation point indicated that Akumas is about to turn his head. So, whenever it appears, you have to stop and hide right away. At friv Games, you only can move to the next levels if you finish the current one and the difficulty increases significantly over the time. Are you ready to challenge your skills and speed? Check it out! Play more games at game friv 4, such as Barbie In Monster High and Princesses New Year Ball 2018

Instruction to play:

How to play: Play this game by using your mouse.