Truck Driver Crazy Roads 2 – Conquer every challenge with your car

Are you an excellent driver? Ready to get into your favorite car and conquer every challenge of Truck Driver Crazy Roads 2 at friv4? Go ahead with Truck Driver Crazy Roads 2 now! Truck Driver Crazy Roads 2 is back with many new points for the players at friv game friv.


This game will help you to improve your driving skills in life. Before starting this game, you are free to choose 1 in 2 modes such as delivery mode or parking mode. With each model, you will have the different gameplay and characteristics in the game.


For instance at frivgame, with the delivery mode, your task is to transport the goods to the given location on a map with no deficiencies. However, this task is not easy because you have to overcome many dangerous obstacles along the way. Keep your eyes to drive your car carefully and wisely on the road.


Besides, with the parking mode, all you need is to drive your car correctly to park the given locations on the map. Don’t forget that many deadly traps and challenges are waiting for you on the way at friv game online.


With 3D images and eye-catching animation effects, I believe that you will have many enjoyable moments at frivgame 2017. Go to and play more with some other driving games.


How to play? Use arrows or WASD to drive, C to change view.

Instruction to play: