iPhone X Makeover - Own the hottest iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to assemble an iPhone? Come to iPhone X Makeover and find out now. You can enjoy the whole process in iPhone X Makeover at friv2018.


iPhone is always one of the hottest models in the world. Everyone uses iPhone, everyone wants to own an iPhone. How about you? Well, in iPhone X Makeover at friv online Games, your iPhone is broken. But you don’t need to bring it to the service center. You are able to repair it on your own and bring back the perfect look for your smartphone.


What you need to do is to follow the on-screen instructions. Firstly, you remove the broken screen and start replacing some stuff inside with the new ones. Then you get the new screen and use glue to stick it on the body of your iPhone. After that, let’s clean the surface with a soft towel. Now, when your iPhone looks just like new, it’s time to free your creation in friv Games free.


You can choose a color that you like, and a beautiful case to protect your iPhone. Then you pick other accessories following your preference. Try to mix and match everything perfectly and you are done. You get a unique iPhone ever. Don’t forget to try out more interesting games at friv at school such as Elsa Selling Candy Day

Instruction to play:

Controls: You can play this game on the computer or touched-devices just by using your mouse or touching.