- Friv 2018

Can you survive as if there’re many enemy planes surrounding you? Play at Friv 4 to test your fighting skills in the air! Wish you win! Start!


Shoot down enemy planes or be killed by them?  All depend on your ability. At friv online Games, is an incredibly exciting shooting game that is suitable for boys. In the game, your key mission is to shoot down all enemy planes so that you can reach the top of the leaderboard.


Kill all your enemy planes by using weapons and your wise fighting skills. To increase the chance to win and get more scores at friv Games online, you need to collect shining yellow dots as well because they will remarkably improve your power. Try your best to become the best pilot who dominates the whole blue sky! Wish you succeed.


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Instruction to play:

Controls: You can control your plane by using the mouse. If encountering enemy planes, use the spacebar or press on your left mouse to shoot.