Light Rays

If you understand the physical principles of lighting, you will love this game of Light Rays at friv Games school. The light shines through the mirrors and reaches the final point in the game Light Rays. Be prepared to choose the best path for your light when joining Light Rays online game. Surely you will love this exciting game!

The lights always have a certain rule and their path through the rails will reach the final destination in the game Light Rays. Friv at school have chosen this game for those who understand physics and passion for how to create light with different rays.

Remember that you have mirrors so that the light goes through and goes back in the other direction to the final destination. Mirrors are limited in each level so you need to utilize the number of mirrors to win the game. Friv for kids Games update the latest games and help players discover new rules that apply to everyday life with useful lessons through games.

Choose the game that matches your interests and ages in this game Light Rays game. You have the opportunity to reach the highest score and win with the tip of the game. Before starting the game, players will be guided by simple training to play all levels of the game.

If you cannot solve the puzzle of the level, please share the game with your friends to have the best solution without affecting the end result of the game. That is the most exciting moment you have when participating in online games at game friv online.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse to set the rails and move the direction of the light to the endpoint accurately.