Drive Your Car

Drive Your Car game: This is an endless top-view racing game of 2018 on Friv 2018. Object of the game is to drive as long as possible while dodging other cars. Change the track or jump over other vehicles to avoid crashes. A few of them are as tall as skyscrapers!

Test the limits of your vehicle-handling skills in our collection of driving games on Friv for free! Steering champions will love handing the tight squeeze of parking challenges. One super car that is fully controllable you can open doors, trunk and hood. We also have tons of racing options for speed junkies. Strap yourself to the driver's seat of a huge truck, custom racing car, or luxury vehicle, and hit the road. Find other fun games for all ages at

Top Features
- Incredible vehicles
- Full HD graphics
- Realistic sounds
- Controllable car parts
- Realistic physics

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Instruction to play:

Use the your mouse