Birds Of War - Battle of the birds in the sky

Have you ever participated in a battle of birds yet? Ha-ha! It is extremely fun right? Play Birds Of War at friv game and explore many wonderful experiences in life. Who wants to participate in this exciting battle in Birds Of War online game? Raise your hand! Hope that you will have a great time!


Birds Of War is an awesome combination of racing and puzzle game at friv game 2018. In order to conquer this game, you need to practice and improve many skills in battle such as visibility, racing skills, predictability, interoperability, and navigational skills. Why do you need to practice these skills?


Because this is a fierce battle of a large number of Angry Birds in the sky. They will appear constantly and unexpectedly in the sky with a large number and density. This will cause you many difficulties and dangers to control your aircraft.


In particular at friv school, you should remember that you don’t have the power to destroy these birds, your task is to drive the plane carefully and avoid colliding on them. However, with the density and the large number, you need to drive your plane wisely to change direction and position continuously on the screen.


The difficulty level of the game will be significantly increased when you survive for a long time in the sky. Another important task for you is that you have to collect gold coins on the road in any way to increase energy and extend life at friv Games online. How long can you survive in the sky with Birds Of War game? Don’t miss any chances to explore more with

Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left arrow and the right arrow to control your plane in the game.