Flow Free Online - The connection of the colors

Are you a smart person? Do you dare to participate in this fascinating puzzle game? Jump into Flow Free Online at friv4 and challenge your intelligence. Enjoy Flow Free Online now!


Flow Free Online is an interesting and attractive puzzle game at frivGames 2017 in which your mission is to connect the same colors on the screen. This game is not too difficult, so it is suitable for all ages.


This game requires you some necessary skills such as the ability to observe and computational skills. At friv com school, circles with different colors will appear on a screen and your ultimate goal is to connect circles of the same color until all the lines are displayed in a perfect way on the screen.


So, before connecting the different colors, you should carefully calculate every path and find the most ideal path. This will help you save time and avoid mistakes while connected with friv Games school. Besides, you can choose some modes of this exciting puzzle before playing. How many levels can you pass?


The answer will depend on the skills of your calculation. Are you ready to challenge your intelligence in some other games? Follow this list: http://friv-2018.net/ Much fun at frivgame!

Instruction to play:

How to play? You can connect circle with your mouse or touch on the touchscreen.