Master Thief

Master Thief at friv new games is a well-known thief game you've never been to. Would you like to explore the game now? Start now to look forward to many great things. Have you ever participated in a game of theft? Your goal in this game is to become thieves to steal pictures and objects in a warehouse. There is many police who are guarding and supervising this picture. So for you to steal it is not simple.

Pick up the flashlight to light the way and quickly steal it. Then go to your teammate and run away from this place. Did you accomplish this task? I think that if you are observant and very wise in your steps, everything will be simple. Confident and stealing many things and undetected. If you are unlucky to have the policemen tested, you will not be able to win the level.

The game has loads of objects and levels for you to join. Try more in the difficulties of the game. Move gently and hide in safe places to be undetected. Exit this place by running fast. All the fun that is only in the game Master Thief at Such an interesting game you should share for your friends and invite your friends to join right now in the game to transform into thieves all things and escape the pursuit of the police. If you are passionate about this game genre. Let's challenge yourself to participate in some other similar new game genres such as Stickman Race 3D and Tomato Crush 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to complete challenges from the game.