Skip Jump

Skip Jump is fun game for all ages at Friv for school. Cats are not the foe of mouse anymore. Help our little cat, not to lose sight of the little mouse, while you collect the stars and level advances. Good luck!

All the time, the cat always finds a way to catch mouse and the mouse always hides from the cat. But what is going on here? In Skip Jump at Friv free games, this cat tries his best to protect the little cute mouse. Your mission is to help him complete this responsibility. You have to control the mouse and use an umbrella to pick the mouse back to its house safely while collecting all three stars. Find all games online of 2018 at

That’s it! You can only move to the next levels if you finish the current one. Who says the cat and the mouse can not be the friend? This game will prove to you. Have more hours of fun with a lot of similar game at, you can experience Miguel Scooter Time and so on. Enjoy! 

Instruction to play:

Control the cat with your mouse.