Mr Potato - Escape from being cooked

Mr Potato doesn’t want to be the food. He decides to escape from the kitchen. Let’s help him at all cost. Enjoy Mr Potato at friv for school !


Potato family doesn’t want to be cooked. So they plan to escape from the kitchen. They need your help. I bet that you are always willing to help them. Mr Potato is an insanely amazing game that gives you tons of fun and you will add it to your favorite game list for sure. Yes, your mission in this friv Games for kids is very simple but quite hard.


You must help all members of potato family avoid all deadly obstacles such as knives, cooking pots, holes and so on. Because they run really fast, you need to manage the time to help them overcome every deadly trap. At friv 2018, just jumping and jumping from the left to the right and from the right to the left. In order not to be the food, they must break through every level.


Maybe thanks to you, they can escape safely without any hurt. Let’s explore more by yourself. This game is suitable for all ages, even for kids. There are tons of interesting games waiting for you at friv for school for kids. Some of them are Pou Baby Bathing Don’t miss them! Have fun!

Instruction to play:

Instructions: You can play this game on the computer by using the mouse or play it on the touched-devices by tapping on the screen.