Color Blocks

There are a lot of numbers on the screen along with different shapes of this game Color Blocks at friv Games for school. Your task in the Color Blocks is to shoot those cubes so they can disappear. The balls move the most in each turn of this fun Color Blocks. The number will increase in the next turn. Be careful!

If you want to explore the fun in the friv 4 school Games for kids, do not miss the Color Blocks online game. The blocks are arranged in different positions in this game and your task is to shoot the balls to break the blocks and win. The number of balls that you need to shoot is increasing.

Therefore, if the ball moves many times, your chances of winning are higher. The game is getting harder at the next level. Do not give up on joining the Color Blocks at friv at school.

Surely this will be an interesting land where you can relax in your free time with your friends. Share it with friends to discover and achieve new records. Our website is always up to date with new games and you will be amazed at the achievements you get in this game by the specific tips and instructions of the game.

If you lose in this game, do not forget to play again and learn better lessons for yourself. Shoot +1 shots to add the ball for each turn. Each game at friv Games for boys has its own content and you will answer those questions with your own abilities.

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Instruction to play:

Click and drag the left mouse button until you reach the correct direction to release the mouse to shoot.