Gold Miner Jack

Jack has found a huge gold mine near his house and he decided to stay all night in this mine to dig gold. He will become a trillionaire soon. In Gold Miner Jack, your mission is to help him dig as much gold as possible and complete all targets. Jack would be rich and you will have fun in Gold Miner Jack online at friv best Games. 

Jack heard that mining gold is one of the fastest ways to be rich. Fortunately, he has just found out a huge gold mine in his backyard. He would be a millionaire or even a trillionaire very soon, but now he has to work hard to make his dream come true. 

However, he hasn’t mined gold before and he doesn’t know how to do this job. Your mission here is to help him dig as much gold as possible and come out with the most money within 60 seconds. Here at online Games friv, you play as Jack. 

Among gold, diamonds, and rock, how to get the most valuable ones? You catch the right time to drop the claw and pick up gold and diamonds. Aim properly to get gold instead of rocks and other useless things. 

The game offers various stages with a different target that you have to complete. In the previous stage, the more money you make, the easier you can complete the target in the next level. Gold and diamonds lie deep in the ground while rocks lie near the surface, so sometimes, you must collect some rocks first, then get gold and diamonds later. 

Besides at friv Games friv, the bigger the gold, the harder it is to pick up. With the money you have earned, you can purchase some useful items in the store such as strength, more diamonds, dynamites and lucky bags. These things are available in the next stage only. 

After finishing each stage, you can visit the store and buy more. With addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics, this game is worth to play. Enjoy more games at in your free time. Some great choices for you are Bartender: The Celebs Mix and Rock Hero Online. 

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to play in the game.