Slither Birds - Rule the sky

Welcome to Slither Birds - one of the best io games. Fly around and collect tons of eggs to become the strongest bird in the sky. Play Slither Birds at free friv! You have played Angry Birds for sure, haven’t you? Do you want to explore a variation of this famous one? Then, online Games friv gives you an insanely weird but addictive game which is Slither Birds - one of the best multiplayer io games out there.


This game is so unique. Like other io games, you play against various people around the world. Your mission is to become the biggest bird and rule the sky. In order to make it come true, you have to collect as many eggs as possible. Once you play this friv Games for kids free, you will be amazed because of its weirdness.


You are one of the characters in Angry Birds. As you collect various eggs, you will grow in length, not in size. It makes the birds look really hilarious. Besides, when you speed up, your length will reduce. So, just accelerate if needed. You can trap other players by making them crush into the body.


Surround them once you are big enough. Then, you eat all the things that they left. However, you must be careful when moving. Let’s start the show. Enjoy more fun games at friv the game, such as Crazy Birds Much fun!



Instruction to play:

Controls: Use your mouse to collect items and left click to speed up.