Santa Gift – Fly to the world of Santa Claus and gifts

Who loves to receive gifts from Santa Claus? Raise your hand! Fly to Santa Gift at play Games friv and receive many attractive gifts in the New Year from Santa Claus. Are you ready to help Santa collect special gifts for children around the world? Play Santa Gift online game right now!


Do you want to receive gifts from others? Do you like picking up one, two, three and a large number of presents? Great! Because Santa Gift at friv for school free Games will bring you a rain of gifts from the sky falling to the ground.


Before playing this game at friv for kids school, you can choose difficult levels like hard, medium, or easy. How to collect these gifts? It's simple, you just have to move Santa's vehicle and collect them at the exact moment before they hit the ground and disappear.


Gifts and pine trees will fall continually and unexpectedly at different locations on the screen. So, you have to control Santa's vehicle carefully and wisely to collect as many gifts as possible. In particular, you only have 3 lives in the game at frivgame.


This means that you can only skip 3 gifts in each level. If you miss more than gifts or Christmas tree, the game will end immediately. One more thing, another important task for you is that you should avoid collecting bombs or your vehicle will be destroyed.


To remove dangerous bombs, you need to watch carefully and act fast because they often fall at the same time as the gift box and Christmas tree. How many levels can you pass on this game at friv for kids? NOTE: Follow the list below for more games such as

Instruction to play:

How to play? Collect gifts and Christmas trees by using arrow keys on the computer.