Roam Maze

With the easy and intelligent way to move, you can transform the color of all the cubes in the Roam Maze game without falling out. Games friv online have brought this amazing game to enthusiasts exploring new games. Roam Maze game is really fun. You will try to discover all levels of Roam Maze with the highest score.

How can you move in the Roam Maze game at friv online Games and turn all black square cubes into orange? There are many ways players can move in this game. However, the best way to do this is to avoid strong impacts on orange areas. When the cells turn to dark orange, they will disappear on your path.

Therefore, the player will fall out in this game at game friv online. Conversely, if you move skillfully and turn the black boxes into orange before anyone disappears, you will fight to win the game Roam Maze with the highest score. There are lots of ways to play, play and level for you to explore in this special game.

You need to pay attention to the movement and color of the squares before deciding to jump or move. Each time your collision will cause the cells to change color. Remember this special note so you can make better decisions for your travel distance.

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Instruction to play:

Use WAD or Arrow Keys to move and jump as you move within your cubes.