Bimmin 2

Carefully switch between the 2 characters, Bimmin and Roc, to run as far as you can! Watch out for obstacles and be sure to collect fruit and meat to boost your score.

You have to get Bimmin and his friend as far as possible. You can control both of these two guys, as they have different characteristics and each of them can be used for something else.

Bimmin 2 is an addictive Jump'N'Run game made by Hardcircle. Change between the 2 different characters as you slide under, jump over, and bash through obstacles. Enjoy with

Instruction to play:

A = Swap Characters Bimmin: W = Jump D = Slide Roc: W = Climb D = Bash Carefully switch between Bimmin and Roc to run as far as you can!