Vikings vs Skeletons

Vikings vs Skeletons is a great combination of adventure and platformer game in which you will embark on an adventure through 6 levels filled with enemies and excitements. Your mission is to kill all monsters and skeletons in each adventure without mission one. Here at friv 4 game, this mission is not as simple as it looks because enemies are crowded and strong. You must use the wit and wisdom of a warrior to protect yourself and kill them.

You have 3 hearts in an adventure and if you touch these monsters or any dangerous traps, you lose 1 heart. However, you can earn more hearts along the way and get coins as well. Become a hunter and hunt down these horrifying prey. Don’t show them any mercy because they are cruel and dangerous. They will harm people in the realm. To complete a level and unlock the new one, you not also have to come to the exit but also collect a least 1 star.

You always can go back to get any stars that you accidentally pass by. On, look at the sky and observe the ground because you can be attacked from there. Birds are dangerous enemies. They are not the normal birds just fly through the sky. They attack you right away they appear. Make sure you make them can’t fly anymore by killing them immediately. 6 stages are 6 adventures and 6 missions as well. Enjoy fully everything the game offers and don’t forget to check out other choices such as Zombie Road and Dinosaurs Survival The End Of World 

Instruction to play:

 X to attack and arrow key to move.