Flight Simulator Online

This is a simulation game on a plane control board in real life with cool 3D graphics and lively sound. I believe you will have an enjoyable and honest experience while playing this game. Here at friv 2018, you will have the chance to become a talented pilot who can control a plane in the sky. Therefore, all you need is to follow the instructions in the game, drive the plane carefully and land safely on the ground.


I bet that most of us dream of becoming pilots or flight attendants who can fly in the sky, visit many countries, enjoy many unique dishes and discover the beauty of traditional culture in the world.


In particular, come to Flight Simulator Online at friv games online, you will have the opportunity to admire many beautiful scenes such as rainbow phenomenon, clouds or birds flying. Is it attractive enough for you? Ready to fly with this exciting game at friv free?


Note that, your plane is very easy to fall to the ground, try your best to control it wisely and fly as long as you can in the sky. One more thing, when playing this game, you will face some difficulty with the control panel because there are too many keys and functions on the plane.


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pilot? Join Flight Simulator Online game and turn your dream into reality at friv 4 now. Awaken your talent with Flight Simulator Online!


You will have to memorize and hold several keys at the same time to drive the plane up high. I can not wait anymore moments! Play online with no any fees at games online friv now!


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Instruction to play:

I to engine start, arrows up or down to engine power, WASD  to control keys, QE to rotate, C to use the camera.