Super Box

Who are the fans of the reaction games? Raise your hand! Because Super Box game at friv Games play will be one of the most interesting choices for you here. Press rapidly on the corresponding color blocks in Super Box game online at Friv now. I am ready! What about you? 

Super Box game is an attractive and addictive reaction game for all ages at friv school. After playing this game, you can train your reaction and speed to deal with problems in short time. Click fast and accurate! Great things await you in front! 

As you've seen, a variety of square blocks with different colors such as blue, red, yellow and purple appear randomly on the screen and they don’t follow any rules. 4 similar colors will be displayed below the screen. Your goal is to adjust the white squares to move forward with the corresponding colors between the colors on a square string and the colors of the 4 squares below. This means that you have to click on 1 of 4 squares that have the same color as the color of the next square on the track at friv Games online

To conquer this game, you also need to pay attention to the speed. You don’t have much time to think, you have to click fast and accurate to the same color. Whenever, the color block behind the white square blocks disappear, you have to click fast or the game will end. Each time you click on the correct color, you get one more point. Try your best to get the highest score in the game. 

Is it fascinating enough for you to conquer this game yet? Are you ready to jump, jump and jump? Don’t forget to experience more with some similar games such as Piano Tiles 2 or Mahjong 3D at This chance is for you! 

Instruction to play:

The players only need to click to jump in the game.