Charge Me - Quickly charge the cell phone before turning off

Many mobile phones are in low power state in Charge Me. You must quickly charge them before turning off. Play Charge at friv Games online!


Mobile phone becomes an essential part of our life. It can say that we can’t live without it. It brings so many benefits to us. We can entertain by playing games, watching videos or reading news. We can even learn or work by using dictionary and so on. Charge Me is a fun point and click game that gives you tons of joy.


In this friv free Games online, you must quickly charge various mobile phones which are in low power state. However, it isn’t easy like that. You have to match the correct side of the USD plug with the socket to charge your device. The most important point is that you have to take action as fast as possible before the power runs out. Just stay focused on the battery icon in the left corner of the screen. It’s also the time.


When it expires, the game ends. Besides, in order to charge the devices correctly in this friv for school, you also must focus on the front side and back side of the charge icon on both USB plug and the device. If you choose the wrong side, you will lose, too. Let’s see how many devices you can charge. Play more games at friv free Games online, such as UNO Online Much fun!

Instruction to play:

How to play: You can play it on the computer or touched-devices.How to play: You can play it on the computer or touched-devices.