Tap Tap Parking - Become professional driver

Some of you may find parking hard and the others may find it easy. Let’s see how well can you parking at Tap Tap Parking. Play Tap Tap Parking at friv!


Tap Tap Parking is a fun and challenging reaction game that you have played the first level, you will want to play more. This friv Games for school basically tests your packing skills. You know that finding a parking is hard but how to parking is much harder, especially in the big cities which include several vehicles.


This game offers 30 levels for you to conquer. Once you start the level one, you will see a little car driving across the screen, repeatedly passing through an empty parking slot which is represented by green. You must define the perfect time to parking in order to fit in that green space.


The number of cars will increase and the speed of the cars will change over time when you level up. As you advance, you will face many touch situations like others cars may be blocking your way or the cars speed up suddenly, which means you have to act fast to avoid crashing.


This Games friv online is so simple but fun. That’s all about hitting the brake located in the bottom left corner of the screen at the right moment. Let’s test your reaction! Explorer more games at friv Games, such as Garfield Hidden Car Tires

Instruction to play:

Controls: You play this game with your mouse.