The Boss Game is a combination of many mini games together.   You can play live and free on Friv 2018. Details are as follows: 
Balance: keep the smiley balanced on the tip of the finger. Ball car: keep the ball inside the ball Happy Shots: Move the basket goal to score shots. The Challenge: 2 player mexican standoff 2-Side: 2 player basketball Keep: Juggle football Blockdrop: 3D tetris Police: Avoid the cops The Spike: Flap the bird's wings to avoid the spikes Flip-Gun: Shoot the gun to keep it from falling Quick Charger: charge the battery .

Hockey: Classic air hockey Protect the globe: keep the falling debree from touching your balloon Pixel: move the pixel left and right to navigate te maze Blowgun: aim your arrows at the animals Basket: aim & shoot basketballs Spider: hold & swing past obstacles like spiderman Fly ball: Flappy bird meets colors Orbit: change directions to avoid getting shot Drop: Score basket goals by moving the paddle .

Double: juggle the balls DnD/Collision: set the course of the ball to destroy all shapes in time Haaa: juggle the football, collect red dots for extra time Snake: steer the snake to grab points Soccer: shoot the balls when they reach the bullseye .Left Side: press to drift around the corner Hole: aim the ball like golf No Stop: Breakout shooter Speed racing: grab points by driving over colored circles Battle plane: shoot incoming planes Circle: click when the ball reaches the red bar.

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Instruction to play:

On desktop - In the menu that appears a lot of games, you can choose any game you like to experience. All games can be played with the mouse but there are also some games that can be played with the arrow keys.