Mine Clone 4

Mine Clone 4 is the 4th part of mine clone series that you can enjoy for free in Friv online games. The huge world of mine clone is available with tons of new features. The players can create a new world from scratch by choosing the theme one by one. Before starting, you can pick the saved world or start with the new one. If you choose the latter, you can change the gameplay mode, the world size that you will move in, the day length.

One of the most important elements shall be the generator. Choose from a wide range of generators such as the midpoint placement, beach, basic Berlin, plain forest, forest, and mountains. Each location comes with its own special challenges that you can only find in that world. After you have finished with the preparation step, start exploring at https://friv-2018.net/! There will be enemies moving around the places and they will try to take you down to claim the title of the owner.

You can protect yourself by picking up the weapons in order to shoot them down. Don't miss out on any item that seems helpful for this journey. There might be a lot of control keys, but we believe that you will master in no time. The game provides a chance to share fun memories with your close friends for free! Other exploring games like Blast The Planets and Age Of Quest are also great choices if you are looking for some actions.


Instruction to play:

Use arrows or WASD keys to move, mouse to view and shoot, I to open inventory.