Emergency Vehicle At Carwash – Refresh all the vehicles!

Welcome to Emergency Vehicle At Carwash at friv Games! Will you wash emergency vehicles well enough to make sure that urgent missions are done as efficiently as possible? Try Emergency Vehicle At Carwash and see how this process happens. Have a good time with Emergency Vehicle At Carwash!


Join Emergency Vehicle At Carwash and you will have a new job. In this game at free friv Games, you’ll work as a worker at a carwash. And your special task today is to wash three emergency vehicles. You will begin with the Police Motorcycle and then the Fire Truck followed by the Ambulance Car. There are several small tasks to do.


You need to use available tools in the game and try to make each task in the way it should be done. Wet it, add shampoo, brush and sponge down to remove the dirt and dry it all. Here at friv free, besides washing, you also have to recover the broken pieces and handle all the scratches that are spread on the surfaces of the vehicles.


The broken windscreens and window panes and the damaged light bulb need to be changed. The Police Motorcycle needs to be filled up with petrol and the Ambulance’s flat tire needs to be pumped. When everything is done, make sure that the vehicles are ready to serve for emergencies.


Keep testing your abilities by replay. Have fun! Check out at friv free online Games 2018 to play more fun games such as Ford Mustang Racing Beestand Lancia Hidden Keys .Hope that you will have a great time while playing this game at friv 4.



Instruction to play:

How to play? Follow the instructions in the game and use your mouse to play.