Snake YO

Play it for free at Friv online games 2018 and enjoy many other online games. Snake YO is a top-down style game in which you play as a snake and must consume magical food to grow and get stronger. Stay as long as you can and destroy as many enemy snakes as you can to get points and keep your best score. The Dash can be used to perform more difficult and riskier actions. It is a great game to play at any time. Have a great time!

Surely this world will be extremely special to you and expand your list of favorite games with many other games like Online. Cool images Funny graphics help you play games in a more relaxed way. Feel this special thing.

Instruction to play:

Desktop: - Use the mouse cursor to turn the snake. - Hold the left mouse button to dash.

Mobile: - Touch Buttons on screen to turn the snake and use dash.