Spongebob Quirky Turkey - An interesting turkey adventure

Do you want to join an interesting turkey adventure - Spongebob Quirky Turkey at friv school Games for kids? Click Spongebob Quirky Turkey and show off your talent in the game.


Spongebob Quirky Turkey at friv for kids Games is an interesting story about a piece of cheese and a turkey in the tower. This turkey has stolen a lot of delicious food from the cheese and he felt really disappointed. He wants to catch this mischievous turkey at friv4. Haha! Are you ready to take part in a fun journey of the turkey?


Try your best to run quickly before the cheese catches your turkey along the way. Note that, there are many dangerous challenges such as box, pumpkin, rice on the road. Don’t forget that the distance between the obstacles is extremely short, so you have to control your turkey wisely and jump continuously to pass through all of them.


In particular at friv for kids school, you have only one life in this race. If you can’t overcome a challenge, you will have to play again immediately. In addition, the speed of the race will also be significantly increased while you have been going a long way. Hurry up! Cheese is coming!!! Jump, jump and jump right now. If you are finding some other racing games, Mario Hidden Tires and Tank Heroes . Will be a perfect choice for you at frivgame.


Instruction to play:

Controls: Control your turkey with your mouse.