Eric Cheating On Ariel – A new love of Ariel

Ariel is lovelorn and she needs to go far to forget this pain. Play Eric Cheating On Ariel at friv Games online and look for a new love for her. Let’s enjoy Eric Cheating On Ariel! Eric Cheating On Ariel is a sad love story between Eric and Ariel.


Ariel has discovered that Eric had a new love. She felt really distressed and disappointed. What should you do to help her? Join Eric Cheating On Ariel at friv Games girl and help Ariel love life more. The story takes place on a street, Ariel finds that Eric is holding hands with another beautiful girl.


She wants to leave the house immediately and look for a new life. Your mission is to help her collect all items such as costumes, accessories, shoes, glass, picture and other objects in her room at Games for kids friv Then, you will be the person to decide on Ariel's new life by clicking the button “Yes” or “No” on the screen. If you choose “Yes” mode, you have to help


Ariel to select lots of gorgeous outfits, hairstyles, accessories, and shoes. Here, you are free to combine any fashion style that you love in life. Don’t miss any chance to enjoy more in Princesses Pom Poms Fashion and Ariana Grande Insta Stories at friv for kids school.


Instruction to play:

Controls: The players only need to use your left mouse to explore this game.