Traffic Racer

The Traffic Racer game is designed with different modes that you can choose from when you start participating in frivgame 2018 today. When choosing this Traffic Racer game, the player completely creates his own racing or racing with other opponents. The vivid images of Traffic Racer will make you dizzy now.

Where is your track in the Traffic Racer game at friv free Games? Before starting this exciting game, you can choose your favorite car, track, and weather. It is very interesting if you have different options to complete the mission of each race when participating in this game. You can upgrade your car when you have enough money.

So finish levels by avoiding other cars on the track to earn as much gold. If you crash into other cars, you will lose. Traffic Racer attracts players from all over to explore at friv 2018. You have many opportunities to join this special game without being bothered by the ad or the difficulties of the race.

With the pictures of the roads in the sea or in the city, this will definitely be your perfect relaxing time. Do not miss the opportunity to become a talented driver on your way. You are ready for all the challenges that are in this game. friv Games free encourage players to choose different games according to their interests and age.

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Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move left, right or up and down for speed of your car.