Road Racer - Racer of monster cars around the world

Are you a professional racer over the world? Are you finding an international race with the best racers? No doubt! Jump into Road Racer at friv at school and race. Join Road Racer now!


Welcome to the most attractive race around the world of Road Racer at friv Games for boys! Here you will have the chance to show off your racing skills with thousands of the talented racers on the planet. What are you waiting for? Get into your favorite car and jump into this awesome racing game at play game friv.


This is an attractive race with lots of different types of cars on the road. Your biggest mission is to control your car carefully and wisely to pass through all other cars along the way. Keep your eyes to run as far as possible and avoid being destroyed by dangerous obstacles on the race track.


You will have 4 paths on the road at friv Games for kids online. Whenever you see a car ahead, you have to drive your car to another road immediately to avoid collisions. Don’t forget that the speed of the game will be gradually increased, so you need to concentrate to drive your car at friv at school. If you want to race more, don’t think anymore, check out Ford Mustang Racing Beest and Lancia Hidden Keys Good luck!

Instruction to play:

Controls: Control your car with arrow keys on the computer.